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When you need to count on someone for special care, there is a place you can call to find knowledgeable, compassionate, nurses and aides who can help – in the comfort of your home.

Alternate Staffing Inc. is a licensed home care agency. Our staff is dedicated to bringing comprehensive quality patient care to you and your family. When we come to your home we do more than treat your condition, we teach you and your family how to make informed decisions about your care.

Our goal is to help you reach a level of well being that works best with your personal lifestyles and environment. To his end, we involve our network of trained personnel, yourself, your family and a variety of community resources.

Our Mission Statement

• To provide preventive and restorative services in the patient’s place of residence.
• To provide the highest quality of care in the patients own home or institutional setting.
• To treat patients as individuals and ensure their right to confidentiality and respectful service.
• To integrate patient education into the plan of care.
• To facilitate the attainment of the patients’ optimal level of rehabilitation.
• To allow family members to remain together and participate in the patient’s care.
• To assist the patient and family to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible.
• To augment care and services provided by our community hospitals and nursing homes through the provision of home health care.
• To provide employment opportunities for individuals in a fair, safe, business, atmosphere with equal opportunity for all.
• To promote and encourage professional growth of agency staff.


The philosophy of Alternate Staffing Inc. is to provide quality home health care services to our patients and families. Alternate Staffing Inc. has been granted an operating certificate to provide nursing care services to qualified individuals in their place or residence.

Our geographic service area includes the five boroughs of New York City. Alternate Staffing Inc. health services are provided as ordered by a physician or other authorized practitioner. Services may be of a preventive, therapeutic or restorative nature, Services are planned and provided in the belief that each person is worthy of respect and understanding without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, or any other discriminatory means.

Home care intervention is holistic and family oriented. It takes in to account barriers to health care and focuses on patient/family independence and self-empowerment in reaching one’s health care potential. It also identifies unmet service needs of the community.

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Patient Satisfaction

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The Patient/Family has a Bill of Rights and may express grievances to the agency director or if not satisfied with the decision, to the New York State Hotline (212) 417-5888 or the Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610.

You will not find a better healthcare plan anywhere.